Quick Heal

AntiVirus Pro

Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention technology shields your system from attackers.
Real time cloud security gives you the best antivirus protection from new and unknown threats.
Effective spam filters stop Phishing and infected emails from reaching your inbox.
Automatically scans external storage devices as soon as they are connected to your machine.

Internet Security

Complete Internet security protection against web and network based threats.
Gives real time virus protection from all viruses "In-The-Wild". Detects and cleans potentially unwanted applications.
Improved Parental Control feature authorizes you to schedule and configure Internet access.
Blocks phishing, spam, and infected emails from reaching your inbox.

Total Security

Best antivirus provides complete protection and is not heavy on your system.
This Quick Heal product gives cloud security with latest virus definition updates.
Parental Control feature allows easy configuration for Internet use and access for different users.
Allows blocking of unauthorized external drives from accessing the data on your machine